Nutrition and Healing

Nutrition and Healing

Processed foods the biggest disaster for human health is the consumption of processed foods. Technically, blending a banana in coconut water or extracting juice from a carrot is “processing” food. However, this type of processing is minimal and has little to no effect on the value of its nutrition. The most dangerous processed foods are white sugar and white flour. A popular misconception is that brown sugar and unbleached wheat flour are “health foods.” these are still highly manufactured foods that have a profoundly negative impact on our bodies. The primary goal is to avoid foods and ingredients that require enormous force to process and that ferment in the digestive system, causing increases of cellular gasses and leading to inflammation. Most illnesses have their trace origin in the digestive system and with inflammation throughout the body. Keeping the entire digestive system clean and functioning in this modern, polluted environment is possible, but requires knowledge, discipline, and strategy.

Eating meat anyone who says that you can't have some flesh in your diet is wrong and anyone who says you can't be completely vegan is wrong as well. The question is what is optimal for human beings living in modern times. Meat, chicken, and fish are not health foods, they are in fact foods, but should not be categorized as ideal and necessary. All flesh foods are highly stimulating and therefore make us feel temporarily energized, but this feeling is a poor indicator of the negative effects this food group may have on our bodies. Popular diets that recommend the daily intake of flesh-based foods, such as the Paleolithic (caveman) diet, or diets that include large amounts of eggs and dairy, are very taxing on the liver. These inflammatory foods irritate the body, may cause an increase in the secretion of mucus, and provide minimal amounts of absorbable protein. Flesh foods accelerate your aging process because your body works much harder to break flesh matter into a nutritious form. Flesh eating tips: eat wild fish–not farm raised, avoid shell fish, and eat flesh foods no more than three times a week, every other day at the max. Avoid combining any starchy foods with flesh foods. Avoid pork. Eat fresh road kill because it is free from hormones and antibiotics. Grub worms and live beetles are a great source of entertainment at dinner parties. Harpooning a nursing whale is evil. Most dolphins hate tuna nets. Sharpen your arrow tips before taking down big game. When eating packaged meats, eat the package and throw away the meat! Raw meat is loaded with parasites. No judgments. My grandma was a big meat eater and snuffs tobacco. She lived 116 quality years. Here’s what we’re trying to tell you–you do not need large quantities of any kind of protein to maintain strength, rebuild muscle, or create heat. The protein derived from a plant-based diet is not only sufficient, it’s also cleaner. A common misconception, which has its origin in the mistakes that new vegetarians or vegans conclude from their experience, is that they must be doing it wrong because they are often times left feeling weak, flat, or cold. The transition from a high protein diet to a low protein diet with little or no flesh foods requires an intense detox period. You will not feel falsely energized during this period the way you would eating a burger and fries.

Juice fasting detoxing from deleterious foods (processed foods, dairy, flesh foods, or stimulants like coffee), is a difficult and profound journey that is both physical and emotional. If you were born in the Garden of Eden, breathed clean air, drank pristine water, ate fruits and vegetables from fertile soil, and had an intensely rich metaphysical worldview, you would be likely to live 100-120 years. In the stressful reality that we live in, with all of the toxins in the air, food, and water, we simply cannot cleanse at a rate that is fast enough to match our toxification,  that is why juice fasting, colon cleansing, massage, rest, and turquoise beads (laughing out loud) are helpful. The body and the mind interact in powerful ways that affect a person’s health.

The digestive system the digestive system is profoundly controlled by the brain; anxiety, depression, and fear dramatically affect the function of this system. Research has shown that the brain communicates with white blood cells; for example, depression may suppress the immune system, making a depressed person more susceptible to infection. Stress can cause physical symptoms even though no physical disease may be present because the body responds physiologically to emotional stress. The body-mind interaction is a two-way street. Physical disease affects our emotions. Therefore, your thoughts and feelings, your worldviews, even your spiritual ideology and your integrity, all feed your body the same ways foods do. the body is a miraculous healing machine with an innate ability to heal itself, provided the pathway to recovery is left open by your lifestyle choices which include, but are not limited to, your diet. The body performs many prolific healing processes on an ongoing basis. One is the detoxification of the blood through the liver and the lymphatic system. Another is the repair and regeneration of muscle tissue. Yet another is the healing of cuts and bruises. And lastly, the maintenance and balance of the blood’s ph levels, which, no matter what you do, is always set somewhere between 7.3 and 7.4.

Acidity eating and drinking acid-forming foods and liquids cannot lower your ph balance; all it does is increase the strain of the body’s fight to maintain homeostasis. Eventually you’ll succumb to the battle and fall ill. True ph levels must be tested from the blood and not the saliva or urine. When the body’s pathway to recovery is closed or impaired beyond its natural healing ability, as in the case with illnesses such as type 1 diabetes, pancreatic cancer, and certain blood cancers, it needs healing influence from outside forces. This is where the miracles of modern medicine often prolong life where it would otherwise be lost. There are brilliant doctors who have a wide range of knowledge and apply medicine and surgery only when needed. Prevention is where we need to place our focus. The key to this is inarguably lifestyle and diet. Rule #1: it’s what you leave out of your diet that allows you to be in optimal health. The longer you practice and perfect your diet and your lifestyle choices, the closer to optimal health you become.

Drink more juice food and proper nutrition are not the panacea,  there are no guarantees. Hereditary factors and environmental factors do play a part in our health condition. Stack the odds in your favor through abstaining from drugs, alcohol, processed foods, and dairy. Regular colonics, plenty of green juices, and eating a predominantly raw food diet changes the game and the player! Start with one juice a day with salads and raw foods. Build up to juice only. Soon you’ll be doing ten day juice cleanses with relative ease! Philosophy: a clean engine running on super clean fuel will get better gas mileage, more bang for the buck! A dirty engine running on dirty fuel will get less mileage on the same comparative fuel. It will run poorly and break down more frequently. This metaphor parallels the human body. Our juice cleanse provides essential vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that nourish our system.

More juice please we believe that raw juices are the best fuel for our body. Its consumption will make us a more biologically efficient machine and we’ll need fewer calories to get better nutrition. Introducing raw juices to our diet as an everyday habit is a fabulous antidote to the toxins we encounter. Green juices neutralize acids and all raw juices make it easier to maintain blood alkalization. The main benefit of drinking raw juice is that if it helps us skip one or more crappy meals a day, we’re 1000 times better off! Obviously, we recommend drinking as much juice as possible each and every day. Drinking juice and maintaining a sensible diet that excludes processed food is a step in the right direction towards optimal health.

Calories we feel it’s a catastrophic blunder to blindly pursue calorie counting. If your diet consists of mostly processed foods and you have a weight problem, your primary dietary goal should be the restriction of calories. However, no matter what you do to reduce calories, you cannot achieve optimal health unless there is a shift in the focus. The primary focus should be the restriction of processed foods. You cannot cause obesity and illness in a healthy and clean body that is consuming a diet consisting of primarily vegetation in the form of fruits, vegetables, nuts, sprouts, and seeds.

“Leave it out” on a raw juice fast, you’re leaving out mistakes of all kinds. You’re also excluding fiber, therefore allowing the entire digestive system to rest. Vital force is the energy supply that is left over after all of the energy required for your daily activities, including the energy required to digest food, has been used. When you have more energy than needed to carry out your daily activities, and are a biologically cleaner organism, which occurs during a juice cleanse, you acquire this energy reserve that we call vital force. Your vital force works to heal the body. The electrical forces found in raw juice stimulate your body’s electrical forces. Vital force is an enhancement to the immune system. A juice cleanse accelerates the pathway to your vital forces.

Diversity - on our diversely mixed produce juice fast, you are absorbing the density of superb nutrition. Combined with abstinence from highly processed foods, cooked foods (which become slightly toxic and are less nutritious), and/or flesh foods that are harder to digest, you set yourself in motion toward a variety of internal cleansing processes. The longer you maintain a juice cleanse, the deeper the cleanse goes.

Another benefit of drinking raw juice is that it excludes fiber! This also allows the digestive system a chance to rest. Juice has only trace amounts of fiber, so the nutrition enters the blood stream rapidly and becomes absorbed for use throughout the entire body. This rapid absorption is what makes juice a powerful alkalizer.    Our juice cleanse is a cell rejuvenating, detoxifying, alkalizing, and well-balanced, complete nutritional plan. During a juice cleanse, endogenous toxins in the cells are released into the blood stream. The toxins then move through to the liver, and are excreted through normal waste functions. The longer the cleanse, the more waste gasses throughout the body can escape.

Gasses seek egress gasses seek the easiest means of egress (e.g. through the skin, exhaling, bowel movements, urinating, farting, belching, and tears). The buildup of waste gasses are chiefly responsible for inflammation throughout the body, causing pain. Inflammation is also a precursor to many illnesses. Although results may vary, our juice cleanse is easy to complete by the average person. Don’t be disappointed if you feel weak or are on the toilet for most of your cleanse. You shouldn’t have to stop working or wait to make the perfect time to cleanse; we recommend doing a cleanse at any time, and as frequently as you can afford. Fact: a juice cleanse will reduce the work the body has to do to maintain homeostasis directly related with the ph balance of the blood and tissue. What makes you lean toward acidity? Stress, most cooked foods, acid-forming foods, low ph balanced water, pollution, and just being alive. Processed and refined starches comprise 70% of the average person’s diet. This is a mistake. 80% of what we consume should be alkalizing.

Anti depressants people taking anti-depressants should not juice cleanse since the effects of their medications will be amplified by their cleaner system. Do not stop taking prescription medications to do a cleanse. For optimal health, we recommend abstaining from foods that will make you sick (e.g. processed foods) and provide your body with the best possible nutrition one can consume: cold pressed, raw, and organic juice. Although each specific produce contains a variety of essential atomic elements (for example, the calcium in spinach and dandelion; the iodine in cucumbers, beets, and parsley; the iron in cucumbers, tomatoes, and apple; and the potassium in carrot, celery, parsley, spinach, and beets), the focus isn’t on the nutrients of the juice. The focus is on what you are leaving out of your diet when you shift to a raw food diet or an organic, raw juice cleanse. A juice cleanse is a balanced diet that is very easily accomplished by healthy people. Although the average person will be in a calorie deficit while absorbing an incredible amount of usable micronutrients, weight loss is not guaranteed short term. Longer term cleanses generally result in healthy weight loss. Our six juice per day cleanse has a full range of produce.

Consume more raw food we believe that all fruits and vegetables with naturally occurring sugars should be consumed in moderation and are a prime source of antioxidants and nutrients. We follow the teachings of the late Norman walker / Ann wigmore and the great living, more than kicking, Brian clement. Both teach that organic fruits are as important to a healthy diet as vegetables are. This may contradict some of our competitors’ food paradigms, but we believe that those paradigms are not exactly correct! We won’t drown you in green juice or murky, swamp-like formulas. We use very low concentrations of carrot or apple to enhance the taste and increase the health benefits of our juice plan. The amount of sugars from fruit that one should consume depends solely on one’s activity level. Our offerings include a wide bouquet of fruits and greens that meet the average person’s activity level. We need to consume more raw whole foods and eliminate the bad foods we eat if we want to live long and healthy lives! Genetics are a factor in our health, but not the way we are conditioned to believe. Just because your mom may have suffered from an illness does not mean that you are condemned to the same illness. The genes that affect degenerative diseases are regulated and turned off and on by a variety of conditions. Gene regulation gives the cell control over structure and function. It is the basis for cellular differentiation, morphogenesis, and the versatility and adaptability of any organism. If you are genetically predisposed to a disease, your nutritional habits and lifestyle will play a major role in dictating and regulating genes in the development of that disease. Your thoughts and attitude (e.g. depression and negativity vs. happiness and positivity) play a major role in genetic expression and regulation. We do have a measure of control over our destiny, lifespan, and the quality of our lives. Positive thinking, exercise and movement, good nutrition, drinking clean water, and breathing fresh air all weigh in on the outcome of our lives.

Why Juice

The main benefits of juicing are of course, the vitamins and minerals present in the fruit and vegetables, vital nutrients such as antioxidants, vitamins A, B, C and E, folic acid potassium, calcium, zinc and amino acids are present in fresh fruit and vegetables and are all necessary to ensure optimum health. Juicing is a natural, easy way to ensure that your daily intake of necessary vitamins is met.

Another important nutrient group present in juices is enzymes, which are responsible for the digestion and absorption of food into your body. Enzymes also convert foods into body tissue and are an important producer of energy levels. Without enzymes, our metabolism can not function at it's maximum rate. Fresh juices is the best way for your body to recieve sources of enzymes. This is primary because cooking vegetables destroys enzymes, which cannot exist at temperatures higher than 114 C (237 F). To enjoy the benefits that enzymes bring. It is best to eat as much raw produce as possible.

However, we still tend to reach for crisps or biscuits instead of carrots when we're hungry. Not only is there little nutritional value in junk or fast food, but we also tend to eat more of these foods in order to feel full. Understandably, eating a bag of apples or carrots is hard going, and this is why juicing is so attractive. By pulping a bag of apples to create fresh apple juice, our bodies will recieve a super boost of nutrients in an easily assimilated form and feel satisfied.

So what's the difference between freshly squeezed juice and buying a carton of juice from the supermarket? Above all, the nutrients present in freshly pressed juice surpass anything you can buy from the store. This is because the bought juice has been pre-squeezed and packaged and diluted with water, meaning the nutrients and health benefits are not as effective. There may also be additives which counteract any goodness present in the fruits and vegetables. Unless you are present when juices are prepared, there is no way to be 100% sure of their ingrediants.


Five Benefits of Juicing

  1. Your body recieves its required amount of vitamins and minerals.
  2. The antioxidants in fruit and vegetables are essential to younger looking skin.
  3. Folic acid in fruit and vegetables helps to keep hair and nails strong.
  4. Juicing is a healthy way to support a weight loss programme.
  5. Juicing is an ideal way to aid recovery from illness.


FAQ? Can I drink alcohol on a juice cleanse? Answer: no.

FAQ? Should i drink tea on a juice cleanse? Answer: avoid caffeine. Drink very little herbal tea if needed. it may make you feel nauseated. drink hot water with lemon, ginger and raw honey instead.

FAQ? Will I poop on a juice cleanse? Answer: this varies a lot. On longer cleanses you make poopie-doopie a lot less frequently. Your poopies will look like little rabbit droppings. This is ok. Some people will have diarrhea. Is this good for your health? Absolutely.  For your sex life, probably not.

 FAQ? I am diabetic, should I cleanse? Answer: seek medical advice.

FAQ? Should I chew my juice? Answer: not necessary. I like these kinds of kooky things. It may help to include some digestive enzymes from the mouth. Not necessary with juice. Chew if you want.

FAQ? Should I go to the gym and work out like a lunatic? Answer: if you want to cleanse deeply you should rest. If you want to lose weight and torture your body, yes.

 FAQ? Should I do colonics while cleansing? Answer? Hell yes.

FAQ? I’m on anti-depressants, should I cleanse? Answer: no. seeks medical advice.

FAQ? What about pregnancy and cleansing? Answer: no way. Just eat clean calories, don't make excuses to load up on processed foods. Pregnancy is a DETOX that is why cravings are so strong. Drink juice, eat fruit, eat salad, rest, and walk. Consult a medical professional.